Welcome to EVP Net.   This site is dedicated to the ongoing research and study of Electronic Voice Phenomena.  Here you will find EVPs to listen to, comment on, and even help us with the ones we have trouble understanding!  We also have a gallery of Spiritography (ghost photos), a page of Ghost Quotes - different peoples' thoughts on the Afterlife.  You can chat here or post on our message board.

Sometimes we capture mean spirited EVPs, and these are discarded.

This site is dedicated to the memory of George Calvin Haynes (4-22-1959 ~ 3-01-1980) 

and to Janet Haynes (8-01-1961 ~ 11-10-1963) (age, 2) 

and to Martha Haynes   (6-27-1957 ~ 11-10-1963)   (age, 6)

Rita who is George, Janet and Martha's big sister was once talking with someone who did not know the history of the Haynes family.  He told Rita that he could see a little blonde girl with a Pink Rose.  Little martha had blonde hair, the only blonde in an otherwise very dark haired family.  For this reason, a Pink Rose is very imortant to us.


Click on the Pink Rose to read Janet and Martha's story.

Please enjoy your stay and feel free to ask questions, leave comments and explore.

-- Disclaimer/Warning:   Ghost Hunting is Like a Box of Chocolates,

Ya never know what you're gonna get....

In my four years of EVP research, I have had some bad, but mostly good experiences.  It is believed by some that the transmission of an EVP could cause a haunting, no matter where it's listened to.  I'm not saying that will happen, I just want my visitors to be aware that it could.

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